About Us

Mission Statement: To ensure in meeting our customer's expectations that every product is built and completed to the highest quality.

GrainWay was formed to build a conveyor to replace worn out auger systems and expensive grain vacs. In 2003 Eric Johnson, Kenny Johnson, and Clarence Sherfield started to design the GrainWay belt conveyor system. One year later on February 1, 2004, GrainWay opened for business with a line of portable conveyor systems for bin sizes 18' to 48'.

Kenny Johnson Kenny Johnson After a successful year in 2006, GrainWay continued to add to their line of conveyors. In 2006, GrainWay introduced a drive over pit conveyor system.

As always, the conveyors can be used to move corn, small grains, oil seeds, edible beans, popcorn and peanuts as well as many other seed types.

In 2006 the makers of the GrainWay line of conveyors began to market and sell a new line of conveyors designed to remove scrap from lasers, lathes, presses, and other multi-function machine tools under the company name NewGenerationMovement. See their new line of conveyors at

Kenny talks about GrainWays growth over the years and how they strive to help their clients.

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