Conveyor Options

  • Hydraulic Kit

    Hydraulic Kit

    Comes with orbital motor, direct drive coupler (chain included), and safety covers.
    Specs: 12-16 gal./min. (4.9 cu. In.)

  • Electric Kit

    Electric Kit

    Comes with easy motor belt adjustment plate, two double groove pulleys, belts, and safety shields.

  • Rubber skirting

    Rubber skirting

    The rubber skirting is bolted to the side of the conveyor to provide a tight seal under the aeration floor of your grain bins.

  • Wheel Assemblies

    Wheel Assemblies

    The wheel assemblies are used to move the conveyor. Each wheel assembly has a Bulldog Jack to raise and lower your conveyor to the correct bin foundation height. The wheel assembly on the front of the conveyor turns and pivots like a fifth wheel. There are two wheel assembly models available. The 15” model lifts the conveyor from 0” to 15”. The 27” model lifts the conveyor from 15” to 27”.

  • Top Covers

    Top Covers

    Add top covers to the conveyor when the conveyor is used under hopper bottom bins, overhead applications, and many other indoor or outdoor applications.

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