Drive Over Pit

The GrainWay DriveOver Pit is a great addition to the GrainWay line of products. The Drive Over Pit simplifies the unloading process.
  • Belt Conveyor. Fully enclosed and available in a variety of lengths.
    • Powder coat paint finish
    • 10 gauge steel frame with bolted construction for easy maintenance.
  • Pit Components. Pit components includes a funnel system with a hat adjustment for grain control, grating above the pit, and two heavy duty steel side plates. The side plates are designed to carry the weight of a truck or tractor.
  • Extra Long Belt Life. The conveyor uses an continuous Chevron rubber belt with a common alligator splice.
  • Fast. The conveyor is fast. It unloads 7500 bushel per hour.
  • Gentle. The plastic deflector inside the discharge protects the grain from damage. The belt does not pinch the grain.
  • Easy to Clean. Removable cleaning covers attach to the bottom of the main conveyor.
  • Compact. Only needs a clearance of 40 inches from the top of the pit to the bottom of the conveyor.
  • Dry and Clean. Grainway uses a heavy duty mat on top of the grate to keep dirt & moisture out
  • Electric or hydraulic drive option:
    • Hydraulic kit: 12-16 gal./min. (4.9 cu. in.).
    • Electric kit: Speed is adjustable by changing pulley size.
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