Incline Conveyor

The GrainWay incline conveyor moves grain and provides plenty of discharge clearance. Use this conveyor under aeration floors of multiple grain bins, hopper bottom bins, drive over pits, and numerous other applications.
  • Extra long belt life. The conveyor uses a continuous chevron rubber belt with a common alligator splice.
  • Compact size. The compact size works under aeration floors with a height minimum of 11 1/4 inches.
  • Run your aeration system. The aeration system can be run with the conveyor in or with it removed from the grain bin.
  • Fast. The conveyor is fast. It unloads 3000 to 3500 bushel per hour.
  • Flexible. The wheel kit assembly raises and lowers the conveyor to match different grain bin foundation heights. The wheels move the conveyor from one application to another.
  • Gentle. The plastic deflector inside the discharge protects the grain from damage. The belt does not pinch the grain.
  • Easy to Clean. Removable cleaning covers attach to the bottom of the main conveyor.
  • Powder coat paint finish
  • 10 gauge steel frame with bolted construction for easy maintenance.
  • The drive roller has rubber legging and uses a tough 1 1/4" bearing.
  • Electric or hydraulic drive option:
    • Hydraulic kit: 12-16 gal./min. (4.9 cu. in.).
    • Electric kit: Speed is adjustable by changing pulley size.
  • Roller sizes:
    • 2" idlers bolted in place through the side of the conveyor
    • 4" idlers held in place through the bolted side wall of the conveyor.
Bin Diameter Incline Model Total Length Electric
18-24' 1824-I 21' 7" 5HP
27-30' 2730-I 24' 7" 7.5HP
33-36' 3336-I 28' 1" 7.5HP
42-48' 4248-I 34' 1" 10HP
992 to 1024
768 to 991
480 to 767
0 to 479