Paddle Conveyor

  • Can be used for a lot of products where the angle is steep, and roll back is a problem.
  • We use an 18" wide belt with 2" cleats. The spacing can vary from 6", 9", or 12" depending on the product.
  • Grain capacities vary from 1,000 BPH to 3,000 BPH depending on the angle and belt speed.
  • Conveyor has a 6.5" drive roller, and a 6.5" tail roller.
  • The belt tightener is at the inlet end.
  • We use a side mount gear reducer and motor, therefore we can vary the belt speed as needed.
  • Conveyor has a raised inlet area to let material settle on the belt.
  • We have standard length conveyors, and will also make custom length conveyors for the customer's needs.
  • The conveyor is made for permanent installation.
992 to 1024
768 to 991
480 to 767
0 to 479